01 Sep 16

Zika: What You Need To Know

SEPTEMBER 2016, SINGAPORE – The Ministry of Health (MOH), Singapore has been closely monitoring the Zika virus situation, and has introduced several measures to enhance the surveillance of the disease and to contain its spread. Minister of State for Manpower Mr Teo Ser Luck said on 30 August 2016 that the authorities have been taking steps to ensure all construction sites across Singapore install preventive measures against the Zika virus. The National Environment Agency (NEA) has intensified vector control operations to control the Aedes mosquito population in the Zika affected areas, and has deployed more than 200 officers to conduct outreach to residents living in the vicinity. Some operations include inspecting all potential breeding sites, conducting mandatory treatment such as ultra-low volume (ULV) misting/spraying of premises and thermal fogging of outdoor areas to kill adult mosquitoes, increasing frequency of drain flushing and oiling to prevent breeding, public education outreach and distribution of insect repellents. All on-site workers at the Zika affected areas were inspected and thirty-nine breeding sites have since been destroyed.

MOH has also alerted all General Practitioners, Polyclinics and Hospitals to be extra vigilant and to immediately report patients with symptoms associated with Zika virus infection to MOH. Pregnant women with Zika symptoms or partners with the virus are entitled to free testing at public healthcare institutions.

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