6 Best Halal Restaurants in Orchard Road


Singapore is, without a doubt, a heavenly food paradise. Looking for Halal dining options around Orchard Road but not sure where to go? Let us help you out! Read on to find out which are our Top 6 Halal Restaurants in Orchard Road.

1. Ayam Penyet at Ayam Penyet Ria

Ayam Penyet Ria is a famous restaurant chain from Indonesia and they serve one of the best Ayam Penyet dish in Singapore. You’ll find long queues during both lunch and dinner hours so make sure you go early if you want to avoid the crowd. Ayam Penyet is a smashed fried chicken dish, served with fragrant rice, fried tempe, fried tofu and some blanched vegetables. Besides their fried chicken, the other most important item in this dish is the sambal belachan. Ayam Penyet Ria also offers free flow sambal belachan for those who can’t get enough of this extremely spicy yet addictive chilli sauce! There are a total of three outlets in Orchard Road, two can be found in Lucky Plaza and another one is located in Far East Plaza.

2. Vietnamese Food at Orange Lantern

Hungry for some authentic Vietnamese fare? Satisfy your cravings at the Orange Lantern restaurant, located along Killiney Road and is only a stone’s throw away from Somerset MRT station and is easily accessible by bus. The restaurant is decorated with orange silk lanterns, similar to those you see on the streets of Vietnam. Indulge in their signature Special Beef Noodle Soup (Pho) which comes with flat rice noodles, a generous serving of beef balls, thick slices of beef and beef brisket. Make sure to order some rice paper rolls to complete your meal. For vegetarians, the chef is also able to take requests to turn certain non-vegetarian dishes into vegetarian ones!


Image Source: Orange Lantern Website

3. Ramen at Ramen Ten

There aren’t many Halal-certified Japanese restaurants in Orchard Road but if you are craving for some fuss-free and affordable Ramen, give Ramen Ten a try. Located in Far East Plaza, the restaurant is easily accessible from Orchard MRT station. This restaurant has more than 25 different types of Ramen on their menu which will leave you spoilt for choice! Other than Ramen, choose from a variety of popular side dishes such as Agedashi Tofu, Chicken Karaage and deep-fried squid, to complete your meal.


Image Source: Ramen Ten Website

4. “Zi-char” at Mackenzie Rex Restaurant

Opened in 1966, MacKenzie Rex is one of few halal-certified “zi-char” restaurants in Orchard Road. “Zi-char” basically means cook and fry, and most Chinese in Singapore would have grown up eating it at hawker centres or restaurants. You can select a number of home-cooked style meat, seafood, vegetable or soup dishes and have them with white rice or fried noodles of your choice. Perfect for big groups of friends or family members, MacKenzie Rex offers over a hundred different dishes on their menu, ranging from all-time favourites such as the famous Chilli Crab, fried Kang Kong, Spring Rolls, Steam Garoupa, Sweet and Sour Fish and more. They even have Hainanese Chicken Rice on the menu if you would like to give that a try! Mackenzie Rex Restaurant is located at Prinsep Street.


Image Source: Burpple

5. Fried Chicken at Jollibee

If you’re pressed for time and need a quick bite, Jollibee located at Lucky Plaza will fit the bill. This fast-food chain from the Philippines is extremely popular and serves one of the best fast-food fried chicken in Orchard Road. Their signature fried chicken is crispy, juicy and highly addictive – perfect for a quick bite halfway through your shopping spree at Orchard Road. Besides that, Jollibee also serves burgers, spaghetti and burger steak with white rice, if you are looking for something non-fried on the menu.


Image Source: Daniel Food Diary

6. Nasi Padang at Warung M. Nasir

A trip to Singapore is not complete without a meal of Nasi Padang. If you are not familiar with Nasi Padang, it is steamed rice served with a variety of pre-cooked dishes, which you can choose from a big selection laid out before you. The dishes are generally rich with spices such as rendang and sambal, and you’ll also find a variety of curry dishes as well. One of the best Nasi Padang in Orchard Road is located in Killiney Road, a cosy little restaurant called Warung M. Nasir. If you are a fan of spicy food, do give this restaurant a try the next time you are in town. It is easily accessible from Somerset MRT and opens daily till 9.30pm at night.


Image Source: Camemberu