A Culinary World For Every Palate Or Wallet


Singapore is renowned as a thriving metropolis where diverse cultures, traditions, and cuisines from all around the world come together—creating endless possibilities for adventure and exploration for locals and tourists alike. One of the Lion City’s most popular destinations is Orchard Road, its premier shopping and lifestyle strip that boasts an exciting variety of culinary delights, ranging from affordable local favourites, to the glitz and glam of restaurants owned by celebrity chefs. Whatever your preferences are, taking your taste buds on a journey through Orchard Road’s gastronomical offerings will be a truly delicious experience.

Comfort food to satisfy with the best value 

There was a time in Singapore when food vendors peddled fresh bowlfuls of meals on its streets, available for anyone who needed sustenance. Not only were these dishes convenient and inexpensive, they were delicious recipes passed down by generations that spanned across cultures and influences. Fast forward to present day Singapore, these street eats have adapted to congregate in food courts, hawker centres and coffee shops everywhere, including the bustling city centre. If you’re not sure of where to eat in Orchard Road, locating these local bites might be the best way to start. 

Just around the corner of Concorde Hotel Singapore, head to Orchard Plaza where you can find a local dish that’s comforting enough to be eaten at any time of the day. Roti prata is a South-Indian flat bread, stretched to paper-thin consistency before getting fried on the griddle with clarified butter and typically served with a side of fish or mutton curry. Crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside, this flavourful dish can be found at Al-Madinah Restaurant along the fringe of Orchard Plaza. The restaurant is easily recognizable by its traditional coffee shop setting, with a sprinkle of makeshift tables and chairs right outside its storefront—a breath of fresh air amidst polished, glassy buildings.

Discover another local favourite nestled in an enclave of quaint shophouses along Killiney Road, a stone’s throw away from Somerset MRT. At the original Killiney Kopitiam, you’ll find its famed breakfast for champs that’s well-loved by locals and tourists alike. Since 1919, patrons queue daily for the establishment’s signature charcoal-grilled toasts, paired with a cup of fragrant local coffee. You’ll find the coffee different from a cuppa at Starbucks, as the beans are typically wok-roasted with sugar and margarine to give its distinctive taste! 

Reserve time for a table of excellence 

Should you decide to treat yourself to something more elaborate without too much of a stretch, there are many excellent restaurants in Orchard Road to make a reservation for an enjoyable meal. It’s a fantastic way to soak in all the local flavours and understand more about the traditional cuisine and culture. If there’s one type of food to represent Singapore, Peranakan food could possibly be it. Born out of a rich and mixed heritage, it’s a unique blend of influences and cooking methods from Chinese and Malay origins combined with a dose of other Southeast Asian cultures. One of the best ways to experience the essence of a cuisine would be at a buffet, where an assortment of signature dishes can be tasted over a leisurely meal. It doesn’t have to stretch your pocket, and you can be sure to find an affordable buffet in Singapore at Concorde Hotel. Relish in a sumptuous meal with the hotel’s Singapore Flavours Buffet Lunch, and savour dishes like the nation’s famous chili crab and authentic Peranakan buah keluak. Experience a world of rich textures together with a tantalizing aroma of blended spices to deliver a unique flavour in each dish, and spoil yourself with a feast for the senses. 

Experience a new level of luxury on a plate

It’s no surprise to have heard of celebrity chefs making their name in Singapore with culinary ingenuity, and Orchard Road has an array of world-class restaurants for you to explore. Elevate your dining experience and take your palate to the next level with Michelin Star restaurants spanning across every cuisine imaginable. From French to Japanese food, you’ll be spoilt for choice even before beginning to pamper your taste buds.

Open the doors to an epicurean journey with French fine dining at Les Amis, a 3 Michelin-starred restaurant tucked in a cosy nook at Shaw Centre, located across Ion Orchard. Be fascinated with a menu carefully crafted by the restaurant’s highly decorated chef, Sebastien Lepinoy, and you’ll never look at French cuisine the same way again. Using prized seasonal ingredients from all over France, every dish is constructed masterfully with world-class finesse, and promises to leave guests coming back for more.

Be whisked away from the vineyards of France to the hometown of sushi when you visit Nogawa Japanese Restaurant at Concorde Hotel Singapore, the very first sushi restaurant to have opened its doors in Singapore. Established in 1978, this restaurant is proud to uphold traditions and standards in its culinary creations, and you can expect nothing less than an evening of authentic Japanese dining. Held in high regard as one of Singapore’s top Japanese restaurants, treat yourself to a rich selection of dishes handcrafted with the freshest ingredients and taste the intricacies of each flavour skillfully brought out by the chefs. Top off the evening with a tipple at the Spices Bar, also located in Concorde Hotel, the perfect place where you can relax with a delicious cocktail in hand and end the night with high spirits.

The world served to you in one place 

A boundless diversity of places to satisfy your palate awaits when you visit Orchard Road, the perfect destination to take off to a gastronomic trip around the world, all in one place. Located conveniently in the thick of the action, begin your trip to explore the “Little Red Dot” with a luxurious stay at Concorde Hotel Singapore. Wake up to the smell of adventure every morning, as you discover exactly why Singapore is indeed a quintessential haven for food lovers to delight in.