Concorde Green Promises

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Currently, the world finds itself at a crossroads when it comes to our climate and how it is affecting the world today. We, at the Concorde Hotel Singapore, recognize that we all have to do our part in addressing this issue to ensure that we pass on a world that is both safe and healthy for our children, our grandchildren, and future generations.

We are working to reduce our environmental impact on sourcing and operating responsibly while integrating sustainability across our value chain and mitigating climate-related risk.

With the above in mind, we are decreasing our environmental footprints in a number of ways; by sustainably managing our energy and water use, reducing our waste and carbon emissions, and increasing the use of renewable energy.

We have put in several initiatives to achieve these goals and one of these involve daily room cleaning.

To help reduce energy, water, and chemical consumption in the room without affecting your stay experience, we seek your understanding that we will only be servicing your room every two (2) days.

Additionally, we have put in place sustainable practices in the room to help reduce greenhouse effects.

  • Use of low energy lighting and appliances
  • Use of recycled materials in our collaterals
  • Use of water-efficient fixtures
  • Temperature setting of up to 25°C

Through these innovative solutions, we are confident to be able to jointly make a positive impact on the environment with you.

We look forward to your support and appreciate any recommendations you may have to further improve the hotel’s environmental performance.

Please join us in this journey as we make the world a better place to Live, Work and Play in.

Keeping to our Green Promises. Always at Concorde.