30 Sep 15

Spices Cafe Unveils Its New Menu

Spices Cafe is proud to announce the launch of our new menu! Featuring a modern and classically designed new menu, discover the world as we bring you a plethora of local and international dishes that will light up your taste buds!

Recently awarded the Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor, Spices Cafe is known for its utmost hospitality that comes with delectable cuisines exquisitely prepared by our team of dedicated Chefs. Its new menu aims to provide a wider variety of items to cater to the different tastes and preferences of individuals.

Immerse in the culture of Singapore as you indulge in local favourites, and allow us to take you through other parts of Asia with delectable Japanese and Thai cuisines that will create a symphony of taste beyond your imagination! Not to forget, pamper your palette with our delectable Western fare and round up your day with gratifying desserts that will leave you wanting more!

A Taste of the World. Always at Concorde.

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